Personal & Business Establishment

Whether looking to establish a commercial presence in Gibraltar or as an individual looking to relocate to Gibraltar to take advantage of Gibraltar’s favourable personal tax status, Acquarius Trust Group can offer a “one stop shop” for professional services in Gibraltar and internationally.  We work with a number of trusted partners to provide associated services that are complimentary to our own.

Commercial Substance

Gibraltar offers excellent infrastructure for the modern business including, international standards of communications, connectivity and office space.  With a highly educated and professional workforce, Gibraltar is a English speaking common law finance centre and consequently, many of our clients are looking not just to set up passive holding companies but to set up substantial operations in Gibraltar.

Through a combination of our in house service and strategic partnerships, we have assisted many clients throughout the business life cycle,  from incorporation, providing the company with its first directors and assisting with recruitment of the first employees and office space through growth and all the way to eventual sale.  We can assist with all outsourcing requirements including accountancy and payroll and can deal with all and any personal and corporate matter, legal, property, staff relocation and local concierge.

Gibraltar Residency

located at the southernmost point of the Iberian Peninsula, with its special individual tax statuses, unrivalled climate, excellent communications, travel connections, infrastructure as well as some of the best watersports, golf and polo in Europe, Gibraltar offers an extremely attractive jurisdiction for work and play.

Depending on an applicant’s situation, there are two types of Gibraltar special residency status available:

Qualifying (Category 2) Individual (“Cat2”)

The benefits of obtaining Category 2 status in Gibraltar are particularly compelling for individuals from countries where levels of personal income tax and who are internationally mobile. Income tax is payable on worldwide income capped at £29,880, with a minimum payment of £22,000. Cat 2 applicants must demonstrate a net worth of at least £2 million and maintain an approved residential property in Gibraltar throughout the residency period, which may be purchased or rented exclusively for the applicant’s use.

High Executive Possessing Specialist Skills Individual (HEPSS)

An individual with specialist skills who is intending to relocate to Gibraltar can apply to become a tax resident as a HEPSS. HEPPS applicants pay income tax only on the first £120,000 of their income. HEPPS applicants are required to provide evidence of employment as a high executive or member of senior management with an income of  £120,000 or more and, as with Cat 2 applications, must maintain an approved residential property throughout residency period either purchased or rented exclusively for the applicants use.

Legal Services

Many of our clients require legal support either for themselves, their companies or in the technicalities of finalizing trust documentation. Internally we have a Director responsible for legal and technical advice, Nick Cruz. Nick is the founding partner at Cruzlaw LLP one of the most respected law firms in Gibraltar. Through Cruzlaw we can access a broad range of legal practice over multiple sectors.

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Property Services

Property in Gibraltar remains a vibrant market and our clients have a varying needs. From Private Clients, looking to relocate and access the very best available properties to companies looking for commercial office space or investors looking to access the strong yields that Gibraltar’s rental market offers. We work closely with Savills Gibraltar, part of the Savills network and one of the most respected property advisory companies in the world.

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Relocation Services

Increasingly, Gibraltar is becoming a popular destination for individuals relocating. Whether a Private Client, looking to take advantage of Gibraltar’s favorable personal tax regimes, or one of Gibraltar’s many thriving sectors looking to employ talent from overseas. We work with the Hub Relocation Gibraltar, a concierge service specifically focused on all requirements of an individual relocating to Gibraltar.

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Other Professional Services

We have a large network within the local community and internationally. Specifically, we work with many leading accountancy practices and audit firms, tax advisers, law firms and banks, in the UK, throughout Europe and internationally. At Acquarius Trust Group, if we cannot deal with your questions or requirements in house, we will almost certainly be able to assist through our network of contacts.