Directors services

Directors are appointed to direct, control and supervise the activities and affairs of a company.

A Gibraltar resident director or directors exercising demonstrable control over the business will often be one of the key indicators of fiscal residence.

Every Gibraltar company must have at least one director and whilst there is no statutory maximum number of directors a company may make provision for a maximum number of directors within its articles of association. A sole director of a company can not also be the secretary of that company. (See Company Secretarial Services)

We are licensed to provide directorships through Acquarius Corporate Services Limited.

The decision to appoint directors to control the assets of your company can often be a big one. By using directors services at Acquarius Trust Group you ensure that at all times your company has access to an exceptional level of expertise and integrity at all times. All responsible individuals serving within the corporate director are required to be approved individuals by the Financial Services Commission and are professionally qualified as either Lawyers, Accountants, Chartered Bankers, or other professions such as Trust and Estate Practitioners.