John Britton


After qualifying as a chartered accountant with KPMG in the 1970s, John has had a very wide ranging career in both the professions and industry as well as his own business ventures. Having left KPMG as a senior manager in 1980, he was the founding partner of a firm of chartered accountants until he sold his interest in 1988 to concentrate on IT and management consultancy which then progressed into offshore tax work until the mid-1990s. He then lead the financial team in a fast moving family-run multi-million food retailer for  ten years in the North West assisting the owners in developing a large presence in the greater Manchester area. In 2005, he was then asked to support a Trust & Company business for sale in Gibraltar which was disposed in 2007. In 2009 he was part of the group that licenced Corinthian Trust Company Limited, a boutique service provider in Gibraltar, and has remained Chairman throughout until its merger with Acquarius Trust.

John has always kept a very close relationships with contacts both commercially and in the professions and is a great networker and able to spot opportunity and talent; as well as recognising new markets and niche products/services. He is also a practical man who is equally at home working on property or doing DIY and has successfully converted several old properties. His interests extend to food and wine, cooking and clay pigeon shooting when he has the time!