David Wood


David joined Acquarius Trust in October 2020 as part of the merger between Corinthian Trust and Acquarius Trust. David was born in London shortly after the end of World War II, but spent his formative years in Nottingham. After leaving school he had a number of jobs before settling with The Post Office in 1970. He was to spend eighteen years with the Post Office, firstly in Nottingham and ultimately in Huddersfield. In 1972 he married his late Gibraltar-born wife, Anita and in 1989 they moved to Gibraltar with their daughter. Their son remained in the UK to get married. Arriving in Gibraltar David worked with a variety of companies within the finance sector before joining Corinthian Trust shortly after its inception.

In addition he was a regular contributor of historical and/or humorous articles to English language magazines along the coast and in 2000 published, with his co-author, Christopher Wawn, the well- received “In search of Andalucia.”