Catherine MacEwen

Head of Company Management.

Catherine Joined Acquarius Trust in October 2020 as part of the merger between Corinthian Trust and Acquarius Trust.

Catherine was born in the UK and moved to Spain at the age of 12. Having studied Computer Science – Software Engineering at Oxford Brookes University, she returned to Gibraltar and joined a local Trust and Company service provider. Catherine now has over 30 years’ experience in Company and Trust management both in Gibraltar and abroad.

Catherine joined Corinthian Trust Company Limited in January 2012 as a Trust and Company Manager. In 2014 she was appointed as the Group Company Secretary and became a director in 2015 responsible for the Client Relationship Team. Following the merger with Acquarius Trust in September 2020 she was appointed as head of our Company Management and Fiduciary team. Catherine is licenced by the Gibraltar Financial Services Commission and is a personal director and Company Secretary for a number of client companies. Catherine’s areas of expertise include trust and company administration, IT and Fund Administration.

When not working, Catherine enjoys spending time with her son and helping the elderly.