Andrew Skillicorn

Andy joined Acquarius in December 2023 as MRLO and compliance manager.
After leaving Lancaster University having spent 3 years studying Mathematics with Statistics, Andrew began his career in the Isle of Man where he was brought up. Having gained experience in securities, accounting, and the Fund industry, he moved with his family to Gibraltar.
Andrew continued his career in Funds by heading the Back Office of a Fund Management firm managing billions of Euros of client monies which almost tripled in size during his time there. His Fund work continued, and Andrew was actively involved in the Gibraltar Finance & Investment Association (GFIA) as a member of the Technical Committee for 2 years. Throughout that time Andrew used his experience to assist to complement the Compliance areas around which he worked both in terms of his day-to-day activity in the Fund industry as well as on a consulting basis.
His definitive move into Compliance happened in 2018 when Andrew was appointed MLRO and Head of Compliance at North Atlantic Trust Company Limited, and from there he has continued to push forwards with Compliance both personally as well as assisting others with their Compliance needs has the industry has changed.  Andrew’s logical mindset and high-level IT skills have enabled both him in his day-to-day work as well as fellows in the industry to facilitate the changes in areas such as CRS and FATCA reporting, Crypto KYC verification, Sanctions List checking, as well as many other areas of business that initially appear overly time consuming.
Andrew’s role draws upon all his industry and compliance experience, to make sound risk-based decisions on an ongoing basis, and to ensure that all Company policies are up-to-date, regulatory compliant, and are user friendly and effective.
When not in the office Andrew does as his wife (see Tamara Skillicorn) tells him and driving her and his 2 children around like a chauffeur.