Donate today…

Whenever you pick up a newspaper or watch the news these days there is always something in it to do with trust. The hacking of various systems for example just this past week. NHS dBases, insurance companies, those very bastions that mitigate against such things also have their problems. Apple, Google, banks, cards, phones in fact it’s been going so long they shouldn’t call it “phishing” anymore it should just be “Catching!” You name it someone’s trying to get into your data and trust has become a word that really seems to have lost its mojo. Now and again though you have to put a little of your own sunshine into life and do something positive. For others and at no financial cost, penalty or reward.

So here you go. Gibraltar and the GHA are always looking for blood donors in fact the more the merrier. The lockdown (whatever your opinion) stoped this happening and moreover people got out of the habit of rocking up every 3 months or so and giving something back to our little slice of heaven.

I decided to go along to the phlebotomy unit (that’s blood by the way) at St Bernard’s Hospital and do my little bit. They are a friendly bunch, very welcoming and after a little finger test and blood pressure to make sure you are good, then you are good to go. Lay back, relax and have at it. If like me you are not fond of seeing a needle go in then don’t it is literally a little pinch and you lie back and relax until your bag is full.

Audrey and the team looked after me and getting me a drink and shhhh keep the secret, a biscuit afterwards. If you haven’t donated before you will feel nervous but once you are done you really can feel you have done your bit to help your community. After relaxing foe fifteen minutes to make sure you are ok you can get up and be on your merry way. You donate about a pint of the 8 pints in your body which will definitely go towards helping someone. Ladies can donate every 4 months and men every 3 months. The most common blood ‘O’ positive is the one most needed to don’t sit there thinking they’ll have enough because the hospital can never get enough. 

Do something to make you smile today – donate blood to the GHA! (I’m a poet and didn’t know it).