Staff Day

In keeping with Acquarius Trust Group tradition (and good staff/management relations) our annual staff day takes place next Friday 24th June where we are heading to a local beach for some sand, sea and paddle de-boarding. I say that because most people struggle on those things but they are fun. I have heard a rumour there is a ten person paddle board also available which seems like a good idea but lets face it, it just makes the splash bigger when they ALL fall off.

Starting with breakfast in town followed by the beach fun and lunch by the sea it will be a great day out with just a walk or a bus ride home and no driving. I’m never allowed to place photos of these days on the site because pot bellied men is not a good look online, so don’t ask. Though you could if you happen to pop in or call us the following week.

Whatever you are doing for your special day enjoy it but remember the office will be closed next Friday 24th June have a great summer and thank you for all your business.

Note to staff: bring suncream.