Did you know?

It is difficult sometimes to think of a blog to write. Let’s face it finance is great if you like finance but sometimes a little respite is good hence this blog. A light hearted return in 2022 to reading stuff to give your mind a rest, amusement, or both.

For instance. here are facts about Gibraltar you may not know and will make your visit here all the more interesting.

  1. Gibraltar is a British Dependant Territory on the the tip of the European landmass. North we share a border with Spain and our southern tip is on the Mediterranean approximately 15 miles from Morocco.
  2. We get over 300 days of sunshine a year. Yes it is really annoying if your long weekend visit coincides with a non sunny day or two.
  3. We do get rain too and sometimes when it rains it really rains but normally as with Andalucia next door the sun shines most days even if only for a bit.
  4. We are famous for the land we live on also called “The Rock”. It stands some 426 metres at the highest point, is 5kms long and the widest point is 1.2kms.
  5. There are more roads inside the Rock than there are outside. During WWII the British dug 32 miles of tunnel inside the Rock.
  6. The first military tunnels were dug in 1780/81 during the “Great Siege” 1779-1781 the “Great Siege” there were 14 other sieges before that.
  7. During the Spanish civil war and WWII Franco, the Spanish Dictator, started the construction of over 200 gun emplacements on the hills surrounding Gibraltar. Their remnants are still there to this day.
  8. The ancestry of Gibraltarians is vast, English, Scottish, Welsh, Irish, Spanish, Maltese, Italian, Moroccan and probably many more if we ever took a population DNA test.
  9. The new airport built in 2010 by the GSD Government was originally intended to be connected to the Spanish mainland. Spanish residents would then clear customs on their side and cross into the airport for their flights. To this day the airport building has one side next to the Spanish border fence and in that side of a building there is an escalator that leads to nowhere as the Spanish never built their part of the building after a change of Government.
  10. Gibraltar has roughly 20 churches mainly RC but other denominations too, 2 Mosques, 5 Synagogues, 1 Kingdom Hall and 1 Hindu Temple.

I hope this helps your research when you next come to see our little paradise.