Welcome to 2022

I trust you all had a lovely time getting through the usual gymnastics of the festive period. We here at Acquarius Towers have had the usual post holiday group think on the best way to get back into shape. Egg to beansprout is the way forward but most will manage beachball to egg I should think. I simply say “nothing to be done here it’s age”.

Acquarius is looking confidently forward to this year ahead. Brexit (stop saying that word) had and continues to have its challenges but there is little doubt Gibraltar and the finance sector are moving ever forward and at pace. The number of developments ongoing and in the pipeline are immense both for our own population and for businesses and others who want to share our lifestyle. The new development of the east side called Hassans Centenary Terraces with the proposed new development of the marina and shops, coffee shops etc is probably one of the most exciting ideas for the east side ever. Devil’s Tower Road is awash with building projects completed and ongoing and the new wine storage/tourist centre called Gibraltar Wine Vaults developing there is an incredible idea bringing another string to Gibraltars tourist and investors bow. The vaults are literally inside the WWII tunnels of the Rock where conditions are ideal for wine storage in terms of temperature, humidity and of course security.

The Chief Minister announced only yesterday that we are determined to push forward and have an agreement with Spain with the deadline coming at the end of March. This will have consequences on not just Gibraltar but the whole of the economic area around us in Andalucia. We want the agreement, Andalucia Government want the agreement and it seems Madrid at least, publicly want the agreement. UK/Gibraltar have the redline of sovereignty and this alone would scupper the agreement for all Gibraltarians. We worked hard for our self determination the people will never sign it away.

So there is a little snippet of 2022 from our world here at the entrance to the Mediterranean, remember we are always here as is our partner law firm Cruzlaw to help in what ever way you or your business needs. Gibraltar is growing, as a finance centre, a link to Europe with daily flights and as an investment opportunity. Acquarius Trust Group are here for you and between us we could make a great team.

Happy 2022