Hot fiscal poop for 2022

Every new year brings it’s suggestions in the hope of inspiring or even creating a wave of enthusiasm. Not least cryptocurrency which over the past few years has seen some incredible advances and surges in price as well as the actual number of currency available. The jury seemed to be finally coming back as several bad headlines have hit the market but last year saw another huge leap in the bitcoin (BTC) value. Like all markets especially fiscal or connected fiscal fluctuate a lot because without that dip and lift there would be no market or money to be made. it is therefore interesting today to read that 2022 will see more of the same.

Since interest rates have been rising, crypto investors will be keeping a close watch on the market heading into 2022 in order to see how it will fare. Speaking with CNBC, general partner and founder at Race Capital, Alfred Chuang discussed his outlook for 2022 in the cryptocurrency space. Simply looking at trading volumes for cryptocurrencies between 2020 and 2021, Chuang noted, we have witnessed trade volumes increase from around $50 billion per day to $100 billion per day, while the general Nasdaq’s trading volume has remained almost the same at $200 billion during the whole year.

With the rise in Web3 participation highlighted by the increase in trading volume and with Web3’s long-term viability in mind, he suggested it’s reasonable to expect that the whole cryptocurrency industry, including Bitcoin (BTC), will be prevalent in 2022.

Good luck!