The masking debate is massively underway now around parts of the “free” world. Yes diversions aplenty are out in regard to where the virus came from. Most of the money is on Wuhan lab but often political pressure means it probably isn’t .. although Australia might yet have more to say.

So. Back to masks. If you can remember the early days say in Jan/Feb 2020 scientists, cough politicians were telling us that masks should only be worn if you have or suspect you have the virus. This is because of how it is transmitted through spittle and contact therefore with your hands, touching stuff etc. To bolster this we had the “Catch it .. bin it… kill it!” campaign and the constant reminder to use cleaning antiseptics on your hands. All of which were commons sense but needed enforcing. As the infections grew some bright spark (scientist) decided everyone should wear a mask all the time except maybe at home but certainly when out and about and close to others. So we did.

Much recently has been vaunted of states in the US that have never had a mask wearing policy or rather have tweaked the policy. An example would be Kristi Noem, who has been one of the most vocal voices against mask mandates during the coronavirus pandemic and is the governor of one of just 13 states that don’t have a statewide mask mandate for at least indoor public areas. “If folks want to wear a mask, they are free to do so,” Noem said in a tweet late last month. “Those who don’t want to wear a mask shouldn’t be shamed into it, and govt should not mandate it. We need to respect each other’s decisions. In SD, we know a little common courtesy can go a long way.”

Mask mandates and other restrictions aimed at slowing the spread of the coronavirus have become a hot topic in recent months as experts warn of a potentially dangerous winter, with people spending more time inside and the flu season intersecting with increased infections. 

Others believe the mask mandates are wrong because enforcing masks means ultimately you would have to enforce the taking of the vaccine otherwise how could you reverse the mask mandate? Missouri Governor Mike Parson said … “The masks are important. We all know that; we all believe that they really have a good purpose. But when you start mandating masks, from the governor’s position, one person, what do you do with the vaccine? You know, the vaccine is going to be here in 30, 40 days. Do you really want the governor of the state of Missouri to say, ‘Every man, woman, and child is going to be mandated to take a vaccine,’ cause that’s the road you go down.

Here in Gibraltar we too were mandated with the argument being we are following the UK that are following the science which to be fair seems logical. Also to be fair being small and close knit we really didn’t want our families and friends infected and this personal approach probably did more than masks to keep our numbers down until December last year when they shot up? I recently forgot to don my mask whilst in a shop and I explained to someone who looked at me when I realised that I had been vaccinated. She replied “So have I?” The inference being she had to still wear a mask. I replied “Then why are we wearing them at all?”

The CDC have recently announced that masks are not required for people with the full does of the vaccine also the vaccine IS effective against the variant strains so they are lightening up on the mandates. This goes back to the Governor of Missouri’s point earlier when is it safe to remove a mask once mandated if there are variants or the vaccine is only 80% effective or some people don’t want to be vaccinated? The answer is you cannot unless you accept masks have a limited use and should be disposed of as soon as vaccinations have been delivered. Speaking to someone the other day he said and I quote, “I’ve been vaccinated but I am still going to wear a mask incase I give it to someone?” I pointed out that in that case you are wearing a mask forever because like flu, pneumonia or a cold. Someone somewhere will have it and you will live in fear forever.

But don’t blame me I’m following the science.