Who is the masked man?

Popularised implausibly in the 1950’s with the emergence of the TV show “The Lone Ranger” it has been a favourite of the goodie trying to hide their identity or the standard wear of the would be robber alongside the striped jumper. The second could be considered most apt by political commentators and anti “big” government folks alike. However since the dawn of 2020 it has become for whatever reason the must have item of the early part of this decade. I say for whatever reason because it all depends on your viewpoint whether you want to wear a mask or not although most countries have mandated it. Some states in the US have pointedly not done so. Florida for example.

If you trawl the internet it is no surprise you will discover hit after hit of why you should wear and why they are needed in fact it is almost impossible to find a negative thing written about masks. Even people who don’t wear them for health reasons are being told and I quote. “According to Jim Keany, MD, an emergency physician, patient safety physician champion, and former chief of staff at Mission Hospital in Orange County, California, if your respiratory status is truly that tenuous that you’re not able to breathe through a cloth face covering, you should stay home and not expose yourself to any risk. “If you are truly that fragile, a COVID-19 infection could be a death sentence.” I take his point.

The early days we were told only infected people needed to wear a mask to stop the virus spreading which is sensible but probably it was determined early on that staying home, if you have the virus, would be a better idea so mask wearing became the thing everyone should do incase you were asymptomatic or infected and to act as a barrier for those not infected. All good so far?

So what now? With large parts of the UK vaccines, Gibraltar almost fully vaccinated and the western societies heading the same way, except the EU which has been woeful in its management, but that’s a blog for the politicians. The renowned and often ridiculed Dr Fauci is now talking about mask wearing being seasonal, in the flu season for example. A sensible precaution perhaps depending on your health but it should be hoped not compulsory. If a government get’s involved compulsion is always on the cards or am I being cynical?

The up-chuck is, even Fauci is commenting as the vaccine rolls out (in America) mask wearing rules should be relaxed. Freedom loving westerners are no doubt already offering an “amen” or a “damn right” to these comments but it remains to be seen which Government blinks first in front of it’s citizens already sick of the curbs undertaken in the name of this virus. Going forward it will either get better as government returns the control back to the people or worse if they leave legislation enacted as a result of the pandemic on the statute books, incase they want to curb something else in the future.