Two Trillion Dollars?

Unless you were under a rock (no not our Rock) you will be aware of the announcement by President Biden that he is to raise about a $2 trillion stimulus package for the American economy. Now this is clearly beyond “our ken” in scottish parlance, although our current government is edging closer to this kind of heady economics but our last borrowing from UK was only £500M. Still a big number for Acquarius and for our economy but not quite Big Joe’s Big thinking. I should add he also said “about” now there is a caveat awaiting to be exploited.

So it made me think $2trillion is easy to say but what, in every day thinking would it mean to the people? Here are 10 facts you might like to note before leaping onto the “borrow and be damned bandwagon!”

  1. Nowadays we use the word trillion to mean a million million (1,000,000,000,000). Before 1960 in the UK, it was used for a million million million.
  2. Trillion or Trilliant is a term used in the diamond industry for a triangular cut.
  3. One trillion inches would only take you one sixth of the way to the Sun but would take you to the Moon and back 33 times.
  4. It takes light about 62 days to travel a trillion miles.
  5. Neanderthals became extinct and human head lice evolved around a trillion seconds (and climbing) ago.
  6. One trillion seconds is equal to about 31,700 years. One trillion years is about 72 times the age of the universe. 
  7. You would need to combine the fortunes of the world’s 27 richest people to reach $1trillion.
  8. £1trillion is more than 60 times the total amount of UK currency in circulation.
  9. The UK National Debt rose above £1trillion for the first time in 2011. It is now over £1.6trillion.
  10. The US National Debt is around $21.8trillion (Feb 2021).

Finally fun bonus fact: If you paid off the $2trillion at $1 per second it would take ….. 64,000 years.