Brexit News but with a difference…

I thought it would be useful to look at some of the Brexit headlines but instead of trough a single eyepiece more through the prism of the world around us so here you go …

BBC: Even though the door is still open for the EU according to Michael Gove he went on to say, “We have drawn the conclusion that unless their approach changes, they are not interested and they have in effect drawn stumps.”

Telegraph: Although full of the usual brexit news this quote is a peach. “The reality of a no deal is likely to be disruptive, but not world-ending. Or in the earthy phrasing of a senior diplomat from an EU trading power: “No deal won’t be an explosion, it will be a wet fart.”

The Independant: Are running a quote from Sir Kier Starmer that Boris “must push through his over ready deal”

APNews “A senior British official said Sunday the door is “still ajar” for post-Brexit talks to continue with the European Union if officials in the bloc change their position on key points.”  Michael Gove’s comments came after Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s spokesman said Friday that the trade talks are “over” unless there is a “fundamental” change of position from the EU. With just weeks to go until the end-of-year deadline, Johnson said the U.K. needed to get ready for leaving the EU with no trade deal. But Gove on Sunday left room for talks to agree on a deal so that the U.K. can avoid the high trade tariffs it faces from Dec. 31, when the transition period ends.

Wherever this ends, this Friday is a huge deadline for the EU/UK inevitably there is truth to some of the scaremongering as well as fabrication. In the end we will only know once the rubicon is crossed.