Open your case please Madam?

Here is a small news item that was issued without much fanfare. There are several questions or maybe thoughts that everyone should have here, not least of all is Whaaaaat?

LONDON (Reuters) – A woman who tried to fly from London’s Heathrow Airport with five suitcases stuffed full of bank notes worth 1.9 million pounds ($2.44 million) has been charged with money laundering, UK Border Force said on Wednesday. Tara Hanlon, 30, from Leeds in northern England, was attempting to board a flight to Dubai on Saturday when she was stopped. Officers searched her suitcases and found the huge cash haul, the largest detection at the UK border so far in 2020. Britain’s immigration compliance minister Chris Philp said that stopping the export of undeclared cash from the UK was a vital step in clamping down on organised crime gangs. Hanlon appeared at Uxbridge Magistrates Court on Monday and was remanded in custody until 5 Nov. A 28-year-old woman from Doncaster in northern England who was arrested at the same time has been released under investigation, the statement said.

Whatever the situation, geographically or financially there is always someone who happily commits crime without a thought of the consequences. Dumb, seriously dumb. The criminals won’t do it they’d rather get some poor child, woman or man because £1.9M is nothing to them but it means life to these people coerced into crime.