A modern observation.

5,000 – 20,000 years ago. You are out walking and whilst rummaging around come across something you could eat. You smell it and eat it because you either recognise the smell or it smells ok (something we still do today).

You are out walking your dog today and whilst it is rummaging through the undergrowth it comes across something that it could eat. Your dog smells it, decides it is edible and then eats it. Probably ignoring your cries of “don’t” incase it is unhealthy.

You are out walking and whilst rummaging around you see something you recognise and think you could eat. You smell it and it smells ok but decide not to eat it. It hasn’t been washed, it’s not in a see through plastic wrapper and well, it doesn’t look like the ones in the supermarket.

You probably agree with these three scenarios. Are we going backwards not forwards as a species. We may nod and smile at the three points I made but they are generally true. I see instagrams of people “cooking” their dinner by taking the wrapper off and putting the dish in the microwave. Worse they are applauded by their friends for such a talent. I’ve seen a tweet asking for the correct way to prepare a potato. No one said the obvious “cut all the skin off!” You want more? There are people that if they have a garment with buttons they couldn’t sew a new one on, they probably don’t even have the kit. If there was a reset of society, maybe brought on by Covid or another such planetary wide event could you survive?

  • Who do you know drinks tap water these days?
  • How many homes use a microwave to heat up food, drinks or defrosting?
  • When did you last repair a garment, had shoes resoled or made something you could wear?
  • Can you light a fire outside on a beach maybe even if you had matches?
  • Could you catch a fish or a rabbit and gut/skin it?
  • Can you orientate yourself and head in a southerly direction?
  • Do you know how long you can live without water?
  • Do you know how long you can live without food?

If you answer half of these in the negative then you may know less than your grandparents. #JustSaying