11 September

The 11th of September is the most important day in the Gibraltar calendar. Not the most significant but definitely most important. The 11th if we are lucky falls on a Saturday alas it’s a seven year cycle and this year it was a Friday, oh so close but no cigar.

The reason being the day before is National Day. In the run up the streets are decorated and the food, drinks and celebrations are prepared as though it were christmas itself. The day after is like boxing day, we sit nursing headaches often having gone to work and there we regret our excesses on the beach in the bars and around the city.

Each family does their own traditional thing, everyone wears some combination of red and white and you literally cannot move in casemates. Except this year of course which had none of the usual street parties, bands, concerts and “hootenanny” as the Scottish might call it. Either way the weather was beautiful our traditional ride up the cable car and a walk down was done in the most perfect of weather with a clear view as far as the eye can see.

Because of Covid restaurants weren’t obviously as busy because of distancing but that was to be expected. I had the typical Llanito thing and had Gambas pil-pil to start followed by Guiness and Beef pie with chips. alas calentita was nowhere in sight yesterday and I don’t have a granny to make me any.