Credit cards… tsk tsk!

 Any financial expert will tell you that keeping a balance on a credit card is the worst financial move you can make. The only thing worse is paying a financial planner to tell you not to keep a balance on your credit card. That’s like giving yourself a wedgie and then paying someone to tell you it was a bad idea.” – Scott Adams, cartoonist & author (creator of the “Dilbert” comic strip)

When legendary investor Warren Buffett was given the chance to speak to high school students in his hometown of Omaha, Nebraska he offered only one piece of financial advice before taking questions. Did Buffett give the students a great investing tip? No! He simply instructed the students, “Avoid credit cards. Just forget about them.” This is great advice from Buffett and following it will ensure that you never give yourself a financial wedgie.

So even though they look great and every money advisor on TV tells you if you use them pay them off straight away millions of people waste millions of dollars or pounds doing the exact opposite.

Take it from us at the Acquarius Trust Group. ”Don’t do it!”