Trust the centre of our world.

The following article recently (6 Aug) appeared in the international edition of the Guardian. It serves as a timely reminder that no matter who you are the relationship between the customer & the company is not only important but paramount.

“Profits at Australia’s biggest bank, the Commonwealth, have slumped by 8.1% after the bank laid out an extra $1bn to compensate customers it has ripped off. The bank, which was at the centre of a series of financial scandals that helped prompt last year’s Hayne royal commission, has also pledged to shut one of its most troubled divisions, advice group Financial Wisdom. Its history of misconduct has resulted in a series of investigations and lawsuits that have also hiked its regulatory and compliance costs – including a program to improve its governance and culture ordered by the prudential regulator, which the bank has been warned is “at serious risk of not delivering” if the bank does not resource it properly.”

I too had an account with the Commonwealth when I lived in Australia for a short while in the mid 90’s. They were the biggest bank back then although these days ANZ must give them a run for their money, literally. I know it wouldn’t have affected me as a small depositor, I just paid bills and used a simple checking account. But any long term investment would have been affected and often the trust we have in these huge companies means we will hold rather than move preferring to believe our own mind instead of the figures in front of us. What I am saying that Trust must not only be assumed it must be maintained throughout the life of your relationship.

At Acquarius Trust Group this is exactly what we offer. From initial contact through your whole process with us you have a personal relationship with your Company Manager or Trust Fund Manager. This is important to us to be able to efficiently manage your account but also to maintain that strict information exchange needed for both legal and personal reasons. KYC is an important part of this process but you also need to be informed and comfortable that everything wee do is in your interest and beyond reproach.

Your custom is important to us as a business but our relationship stands firmly alongside it so your company and family are confident everything we do is for you and completely compliant with the law.