Fancy a business break?

Gibraltar’s summer is switching between the levanter and the poniente this time of year. Blessed relief some days oppressive heat other such is the lot here at the entrance to the mediterranean. The lifestyle here is still one of sunshine, plenty of activities and street life akin to the best in the world albeit often on a smaller scale. Take the recent Island Games hosted earlier this month. Twenty four countries took part from as far afield as the Falklands, Cayman Islands and Bermuda. Closer to home were the island of Hitra, Isle of Man, Shetlands and the Orkneys. Never a more diverse bunch of sports people will you see. For those also that talk dismissively of our constant run in with Spanish politicians we even had a team from Menorca and they were as supported by the local fans as any other team, except when Gibraltar were on. Then the noise bar was raised.

Sailing races from the Royal Yacht Club are underway, football with the UEFA & CL qualifications having started we’ve already had FC Pristina and Glasgow Rangers playing our local teams with the fans having a great time, even though the results don’t always go our way.

The tour buses are a constant throughout the year but increase massivey in July/August especially with all our historical sites being posted on Instagram, FB or Twitter with gusto.

Finally the gastronomy of Gibraltar. Our local delicacy calentita is available but our streets run riot with the smells of every cuisine imaginable. Spanish tapas, English breakfasts, pie, mash and roast dinners, Argentinian steak, sausage and morcilla (black pudding), Italian pizza and pasta, American burgers, kaba shops, cakes, ice creams and smoothies. Not forgetting of course proper Fish and Chips with mushy peas and a tea or the Moroccan pastries, lamb tagine and of course the Indian restaurants dotted around. My favourite is tucked at the corner of Parliament Lane and Irish Town. Curry & Sushi. The sushi is a fusion of japanese/american style with a nice deal in battered spicy squid. The indian dishes however are as authentic as it comes spicy curries, mild kormas with all the normal dishes in between including a UK favourite to dip into your vindaloo for that extra kick, the Bullet Naan! 

So; if you have never been do it and spend more than a day otherwise you’ll do what every other visitor does to this “british” city, just try the fish and chips superb though they are. If you need to do some business by way of a reason to visit this wonderland of opportunity the Acquarius Trust Group could help with that too.