Gibraltar still on a Finch footing.

Our Minister for Commerce Albert Isola recently visited a blockchain conference in New York proving yet again this tech will not go away no matter what the bankers of the world think of it. In fact the tech and the people around the world using blockchain and its related arms are actually changing opinions and practices. The more we get used to it, the more we understand the fundamentals of it, the more obvious we need this to change the way business and finance is done forever.

This doesn’t mean it is all good and clearly there are malevolent parties out there like in any sphere of influence that are making problems and exploiting vulnerable investors. Take note; go to a reputable company, ours for example, we can help you make a decision and even stop you losing your money. Moreover Gibraltar is in this to stay, we embraced it early and had a veracious appetite to get the details and forge ahead. can help and with our partner law firm we can delve into the details for you, advising you and if need be creating the platform to go forward with your plans. See you soon.

For the full blog written by Minister for Commerce the Hon. Albert Isola go here.