Colony? Que vaaaa!

Again in the papers the mention of colony rears it’s ugly head in respect to us here in Gibraltar. It serves only one purpose to we “common” folk and that is to remind us that politicians really do not seem to pay attention to detail and detail it is as legalise turns simple contracts that began with a handshake into documents thousands of pages long. All for one reason only and that is to stop future generations interpreting the law in their own way, an act of folly as we see evidenced all the time as laws are overturned on the basis of what we know now; to what we knew then. I think I may be losing you a little.

As a footnote the Spanish EU contingent have added the word “colony” in relation to Gibraltar. No matter what you may think this has in essence been inserted into a set of regulations and the wording as such leaves the matter to be resolved between the UK and Spain and beggar the U.N. And it’s regulatory pronouncements, apparently. Quite rightly the UK and Gibraltar Governments are sticking in their tuppence ‘worth but this will be clearly the first ripple around Gibraltar waters going forward in our relationship outside of the EU with brexit if that is what happens.

Now to my point: the word colony.

Being a romantic language you’d think the Spanish could clearly see we are not a colony:

The word is from the late 14c. Meaning a Roman settlement outside Italy from “colonia” settled land, farm from “colonus” husbandman, tenant farmer, settler in a new land. In modern language it limits itself to a company or people who migrate from their native country to cultivate or settle in a new place yet remain subject to the mother country.

Whilst this in essence happened under the military taking of Gibraltar in 1704, the treaty of 1713 (Utrecht) as well as others that followed changed the original relationship. Gibraltarians share descendants from around Europe including Genoese, Maltese, Spanish, Moroccan, Portuguese as well as Welsh, Scottish, English and Irish. We are either a colony of them all or none in this modern era. Also the last significant British colony, Hong Kong, was returned to Chinese sovereignty in 1997, emphasis being in the word “last”.

Just thought you ought to know.