Revoke Article 50 is that the colony’s best option?

We knew it was eventually going to happen. It was why we voted 96% of us at least, to remain. We have neighbours that still think like politicians of old that a good shout about how well they’ve done is enough to make the population vote for them. That may be true in countries that are new to democracy or even those that have never tasted democracy and it’s capitalist benefits but to what is known as the “western world” true democracy is sometimes different. As Mrs May is finding now to her cost having been left the poisoned result of the referendum. Nevertheless it is democracy at it’s most base. Like it or not you have to deal with the result.

So now we are stuck right where we knew we would be with Spain using the referendum to crowbar Gibraltar in any way it can into negotiations around sovereignty. It has even the affrontery now to use the word “colony” again an attempt to get it into some kind of agreement so that Spain’s impossible legal position can be shored up like an old pit with failing timbers.

We do not go into the same old arguments like Spain. We just accept these occasions as we always do with humour and defiance. We Gibraltarians know we are a self determined country, part of the wider British family with a very strong feeling or worth, wealth and wisdom after a few hundred years of Spanish politics. We have crossed every “t”, dotted every “i” and built every bridge we can to help not just Gibraltar but Andalucia the poorest region of Spain with billions of euro’s of commercial and tourist business. We have our house in order, Spain should sort their own before they worry about ours. See below.