Flying to Gibraltar

I was walking down Irish Town a street in Gibraltar when I heard the roar of jet engines. Looking up I saw the British Airways jet do the “wing wave” manoeuvre as it failed to land due to high crosswinds. Funnily enough I’d literally just landed an hour earlier on the Easyjet from Gatwick we had less crosswind although the pilot did lurch a little on landing. It is no comment whatsoever on the quality of your pilot the winds across the runway in Gibraltar can make things very tricky sometimes dangerous which is why sometimes you have to divert to Malaga. Being on board when it happens is a little scary because of the sudden roar from the engines, the vibration and the rate of climb but these aircraft can take it it just doesn’t feel like it at the time.

Gibraltar is a superb airfield to land at. If you circle the Rock first the views of it are magnificent around the southern tip and the lighthouse, the other side of the jet have views of Morocco and Jebel Sidi Musa the “other” pillar of Hercules. Don’t let the odd aborted landing put you off we Gibraltarian’s have all probably had one at some time or another and we still fly regularly. We look forward to welcoming you soon here at Acquarius Trust Group (Gibraltar).