Financial Services

Did you know that currently, at least as I type there are 180 Financial Services cryptocurrencies? Yes I know almost as many as there are fiat currencies in the world. I’m assuming these are the ones that have past rigid and thorough checks. The biggest one has a market cap of over $12 billion.

Fintech is a growing market and Acquarius Trust Group with it’s partnered law firm Cruzlaw have fintech specific interest and services. It is a hugely growing, dare I say developing market. The world is buzzing with ICO’s of all descriptions coming out, featuring and delivering on their promises in many cases. Even figuring out what kind of ICO you have or want can be a difficult decision. Currency, Utility, Asset, Equity or even Reward coins any or all are possible depending on what it is you are trying to market. If you aren’t even sure of these maybe you ought to do some extra research but if they mean something to you then you may want our help and advice.

There are always those that for a myriad of reasons don’t work out and we wouldn’t want your idea to fall because of poor advice. Visit our websites or and help us to help you.