2019 work has begun.

Welcome to our Website in 2019! It’s a bit like the website every year it’s just every January everyone seems full of more optimism. This in itself is remarkable given in three months we should be out of the EU, not exactly what Gibraltar wants according to our 96% remainers but as part of a larger whole we must accept that democracy.

No doubt over the next few months there will be plenty of work behind the scenes from our current Government on trying to mitigate any possible repercussions and not solely based on whether Spain fancies upping the ante re’ the frontier. Looking across the country as a whole we have plenty to be positive about, we still have a thriving service industry, tourist model and financial services. The doom stories haven’t materialised although to say everything is as before wouldn’t be true. The Government particularly Albert Isola and his team have been working hard to secure more options and business for the country. The CM and Dep CM have both spent a not inconsiderable amount of time talking in the UK and in Spain with the Cross Border Committee to help workers transit without hinderance. It helps them probably more than Spain or the Andalusia Government care to admit in terms of the Campo economy. It helps us too of that there is no doubt.

So whatever the next 3 months bring, we Gibraltar, will as always move forward and seek a way through the obstacles if there are any. We will continue to prosper as we have already for 300+ years as a community and we will continue much like Captain Kirk, boldly seeking out new adventures on the way. Have a great 2019 friends, Gibraltarians and countrymen. (Can I say that these days?). We’ll see you on the other side of Brexit as confident as we are today of that I’m sure.