I hope you like our Christmas front pane on the website, we always add something to “festive” up the site much in keeping with others although for the sake of sanity I am not suggesting everyone should do it. Which on balance is what christmas these days is all about. You know, doing the same as everyone else. Dinner, Turkey, Goose or maybe as is popular these days those 3 bird joint with a chicken inside a goose inside a turkey. Not for me. There is always the same notable days on the calendar, Xmas jumper day not bad if it’s cold if not well only funny for 10 minutes. Party favours are also on the rise not just a cracker at the table now it includes other fun things a decent cardboard hat, streamers, small toys and a table full of so much junk it’s taken at the end of the night to fill the family table on the big day. finally that other now common tradition of the secret santa.

I cannot remember at what point it became obligatory to also buy work colleagues a gift, even the ones you don’t like but it is. Thankfully someone had the good sense to limit it buy digging he name from a hat so each person only got one of the hot guy and girl in the office may have been overloaded, whilst Wilf from filing was forgotten as he often works alone in the depths of the building. However it is still possible you have to buy the colleague you get on least with or perhaps don’t know well a gift. This was offset by two things. 1. There was a spend limit of a fiver and 2. It was a secret so there was no need to worry they were usually joke presents for fun.

This has now evolved. The cost has gone up which I get but if you go into M&S you can still get a decent humour gift for £3. The other day in La Canada I saw a perfectly nice imitation turd at €3 in my opinion the perfect secret santa, fun for hours there. Alas no more the gift now has to be something the person wants, although you cannot ask them if they like it because it’s still a secret and if you ask they’ll know who bought it. So it’s still a minefield just now a slightly more expensive one that you can’t even have a laugh at once they open it. Still it’s christmas month and we’re not supposed to enjoy it anymore just pay for it, fiscally, in health and in weight. Have a great month and if I’m on your secret santa list that joke turd is a cracker, cheap too.