Foundations & Pyramids

Apparently they, the archaeologists, have discovered some remnants of quarrying that “prove” ancient egyptians really did use ramps to build the pyramids. The ones  on the hill above Cairo that is.

As experts on financial “Foundations” we at Acquarius know a solid foundation is not only vital but should be structured to be unshakable for the entirety of its life. Whether or not the ancient Egyptians built the pyramids Acquarius do build our foundations and each one is tailored specifically for our client. The primary difference between a Foundation and a Trust is the legal form and in particular, where the participants (founder/beneficiaries) are resident in a civil law jurisdiction, the transfer of assets away from the individual into a foundation is more widely accepted than a trust.

As far as the Egyptians are concerned taking two decades to shift 2,000,000 blocks of stone weighing many tons each is to some stretching belief the math works out at 11 blocks an hour working 24 hours a day and that included cutting, polishing and delivering the stones.

Our Foundations will last beyond a lifetime, take a matter of gathering information and they won’t take 20 years to build and; with the Acquarius Trust Company you won’t need to wait a millenia or two to find them.

Trusts and Foundations