Traffic free Tuesday

An initiative Acquarius likes to see is “Traffic Free Tuesday” Gibraltar is getting congested so anything that helps reduce our pollution and traffic especially in a place where you can virtually walk almost anywhere within an hour is a good thing. So tomorrow will mark Gibraltar’s second ‘Traffic Free Tuesday’, an initiative by the group Sustainable Gibraltar to encourage people to leave their cars at home for one day. The group are trying to raise awareness for their campaign and in turn have more participants following last month’s first event.

“There are definitely people out there who see the importance of it and want to make this work,” said Gianna Bosano from the group commenting on last month’s event.
The initiative is called ‘Traffic Free Tuesday’ but the group will only focus on one Tuesday a month as the group want to start small and build up from there. The group say they are aware that circumstances vary and that “not everyone is able to be without a vehicle every day.”

In our opinion another great initiative would be “let your child walk to school” that would help with exercise for our kids and traffic.