The name’s Brzozowska, Beata Brzzz..? “Forget it just call me B”

Beata Brzoznwska

It’s not all work for Beata sometimes she has to go to work at the Acquarius Trust Group

Beata Brzozowska has been appointed as Acquarius’ Senior Company Manager. Beata, or “B” as she is known hails from Poznan in Poland. The irony is Poznan is known as potato country in Poland and when “B” first left she worked in the Channel Islands’ Jersey specifically, (also potato country) logical but only if you are in the vodka business which “B” isn’t she’s in the trust company business. She moved to Gibraltar 7 years ago joining a competitor before now joining Acquarius to take our senior company management role. A role which she is looking forward to and eminently suited for as we found out when she applied and was successful. We wish her well at Acquarius and hope you get time to meet her next time you have need of advice or our services.

Her full profile is here “B” started at Acquarius in May and her role is key to the Company Management team taking on new business and servicing current clients.