Gibraltar and Spain post EU?

From today’s Chronicle by Brian Reyes.

Brexit could provide a “watershed” moment for Gibraltar’s relations with Spain, Chief Minister Fabian Picardo said last night as he vowed to defend the Rock’s British sovereignty while promoting “good neighbourly relations and regional prosperity”.

Speaking in a ministerial broadcast on GBC, Mr Picardo made clear that Gibraltar would never accept any proposal that diluted the Rock’s British sovereignty in any way, adding his government would protect this community’s interests “at every turn”.

But he insisted Gibraltar would also seek a constructive post-Brexit relationship with the EU and in particular with Spain despite the challenges of leaving the EU.

“We will do this despite Clause 24 of the EU guidelines, not because of it,” he said, referring to Spain’s controversial Gibraltar veto. “We will continue to offer to build good neighbourly relations and deliver regional prosperity, not because we feel threatened, but because that is our nature. And we will continue to seek to construct new synergies for the future and avoid unnecessary confrontation because it has always been our approach.” Mr Picardo said Gibraltar had always sought a positive relationship with Spain, “although we have too often been rebuffed”. And despite the change of tone in Madrid toward Gibraltar, he acknowledged that this would be a difficult objective to achieve.