Rajoy on brexit…

Thanks to Brian Reyes from the Gibraltar Chronicle today I thought this news ought to be spread around although it remains to be seen what the reality is compared to the words of Mr Rajoy.

Spain will not use the Brexit negotiations to pursue its sovereignty aspirations, Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy said yesterday during a press conference in which he also appeared to signal his government’s readiness to engage in dialogue with Gibraltar.
Asked about sovereignty and Brexit discussions relating to the Rock, Mr Rajoy spoke of future conversations “with” Gibraltar, rather than ‘about’ Gibraltar, although he did not elaborate.
If such engagement materialised it would be a significant development given the Partido Popular’s past reticence for direct contact with Gibraltar.
Mr Rajoy was speaking to Spanish reporters after EU leaders cleared a deal on Britain’s 21-month transition to Brexit and approved guidelines designed to deliver a “balanced, ambitious and wide-ranging” free trade agreement with the UK

I’ll leave that hanging there for prosperity.