The Grauniad

Have you seen the article written in the left leaning paper the Guardian over the weekend? Apologies I’d better rephrase that. Have you seen the complete and utter lies written by @OliverBullogh in his Guardian comment piece this weekend? I pop in the twitter addy so that as many of ‘us’ living in this area that rely upon Gibraltar for economic and residential stability can voice their own brand of comment to him. Here is the piece, for reasons of balance,  if you wish to read it Gibraltar dodgy tax haven. I have never read a piece in a national UK newspaper so full of wrongs it would need several more issues to make even some of them right!

Gibraltar is white listed by the OECD, a fully regulated finance centre where along with the OECD the IMF, ECB and EU state contrary to the opinion he writes. It would be just another piece of lazy journalism if it didn’t help fuel the lies already pandered by Madrid towards not just Gibraltarians but those thousands of Spaniards and other nationals that rely on the Rock to make a living and cross the border everyday. The border that sometimes takes hours to get through even with an EU passport because Madrid wants to hold to ransom the fundamental right of free movement of EU citizens against a piece of Rock they gave us in perpetuity in 1713.

There is no hidden truth here for the Guardian to find just an open story of Spanish political oppression since Franco took the populist line and closed the border in 1969. Before that for 265 years no one cared, people walked in and out. The campo of Gibraltar is exactly that and even though the countryside around the Rock is now administered by Andalucia the people are welcome to ply their trade and work without problem. The same cannot be said for modern day Spain. A country where every aspect of your life and work has to be documented, taxes are high to pay for the obvious mismanagement (cough) of Madrid’s political elite of the Spanish economy. In a country where employment overall is over 20% and worse for the under 25 year olds they’d rather close a border and funnel EU money into their brainless scheme than reinvest in the local populace.

It is easier to hide bad news under fake news and the Guardian by the pen of Oliver Bullogh is complicit; Shame on both.