Estepona Team Bonding



I have finally got hold of some of the Team Bonding day photo’s which we had in Estepona. Sally-Anne sorted the day and Nick Cruz agreed to undo the leashes for us for the day which began with a bus ride with breakfast on the way. On arrival at Estepona we were met by the Experience Box team who DSC_1945split into two teams. We were given tablets with which to ‘treasure hunt’ our way around the city center and beach. Nominating team leaders and navigators we then walked around the city center and as we approached a point geographically the tablet screen came up with a task or a question we had to answer in order to gain points. The tasks ranged from simple jigsaws to creating boats, modelling with plasticine. One task was making paper boats that we had to video us blowing them in a race at a fountain on one street. It was impossible to DSC_2094finish all the tasks in the time allowed but by the end everyone had had fun, a drink and took a turn being creative or learning something from the history of of Estepona. It was
a great fun day out together. The end of the hunt was perfectly placed, obviously we had to navigate our way there via tablet. We rendezvoused by a wine tasting and tapas bar which was also our final destination and lunch before we got back to the bus and headed for home.

For more pictures on our treasure hunt or to have one for your team check the Experience Box site.