Love all!

Here on the rather lovely Gibraltar peninsular throughout the year a tennis match goes on. Though an issue in the winter the match really becomes a problem at the height of summer. It is a game of singles and like any tennis game we, the spectators, are at the mercy of the rally’s. Let to right to left to right our heads turn as it goes on. I’m talking of course of the wind. The ‘poniente’ and the famous ‘levante’. As the wind switches gib1between these two points on the map our weather changes as clear as day. The famous levante or eastern wind blows against the Rock as it rises sharply against the eastern side of the Rock and reaches the upper points this humid wind is responsible for the cloud that streams off the top out across the Bay of Gibraltar almost like a hat. As this happens the air is sticky and there is no rest from the closeness of it all no matter your fan nor sitting on the beach.

As the change of direction comes from the west the wind brings a cleaning fresh air, sometimes hotter as it blows but less humidity and more easily coped with during the hot summer nights. You will still here the gasps from the heat as we good naturedly cry ‘que calor’ to each other. Deep down however, when most of us remember the depths of winter, the rain or the uncertainty of a trip to UK and their climate we really are very glad we sit amidst this tennis match from the winds, wipe our brow and take a sip from whatever ice cold drink we have to hand.