Sacarello’s closing.

This article in the Gibraltar Chronicle reminds many of us “older” generation of how the high street slowly evolved into nothing but a place for kids to congregate.

A local newsagent that has sold newspapers, books, and stationary to generations of Gibraltarians since 1923 will close its doors to the public on Friday.
After 96 years, L.Sacarello in 96 Main Street will no longer sell local and British newspapers and magazines as the company undergoes a transformation.
Craig Sacarello, managing director of L.Sacarello and Sacarello Newsagents, said they will still continue to be the official distributors for British newspapers and magazines but the shop in Main Street will now be used to showcase its home interior goods.
L. Sacarello was first opened in 1923, and was founded by Mr Sacarello’s grandfather, Louis.
“At the time the shop sold postage stamps and paraphernalia and stationary, but for most of its existence it has dealt with the printed press,” Mr Sacarello told the Chronicle.
Nearly 20 years ago, the company branched out and started selling office furniture before finding a niche for itself in Gibraltar’s market in Neptune home furnishings and Dyson electronics.
But the company’s decision to close down the newsagent side of things was not an easy decision to make.
Mr Sacarello had to put sentiment aside after realising the business was no longer sustainable and he made the decision to transform the business.
“The writing was on the wall once the internet moved onto tablets and mobile phones, and that is when we really saw the demise in printed press and newspapers,” Mr Sacarello said. “That is when we saw that side of the business begin to decline because news is something that people want immediately.”

Ironic indeed that Craig shared the closure of the shop via ‘Facebook.’ and true as everyone these days collects their news online even their newspapers it is the electronic age.

“We have had wave upon wave of well-wishers and it has been quite nostalgic,” he said.
“It has seemed to have touched everyone and sparked memories of their childhood.”
“There has been an outpour of sentiments and people describing what they used to buy from comics to stationary.”
“The customers have been hugely loyal for so many years and we are very grateful to all of them.”
Credit: Gibraltar Chronicle.

I wish Sacarello’s well they are one of our older institutions but nothing shall stay the march of progress. It just means there will be less interesting stuff to look at on Main Street, our tourists can shop unhindered by locals about their daily meander and schoolchildren can lounge around unfettered by a parent passing by. Progress indeed.