Are smartphones deadly?

There was a recent article on how use of smartphones could damage your health. If you mean being beaten about the head because you are playing a game instead of doing work then that’s a maybe but the correlation between use of smartphones and illness is maybe positive but tenuous at best. It concentrates more on how use of your phone increases stress levels which in turn increase other reactions in the body coming out of the stress levels. Type 2 diabetes, obesity, fertility, high blood pressure etc etc. But without the research as yet no one can blame the phone companies or the users for being on them too long. 

Worldwide addiction to smartphones is estimated to be around 38% but that is dependant on your definition and stats we know are not the picture but a take on the picture. In the end it is more a correlation than casual effect and factors such as age and use could also determine your susceptibility. At this point no one can prove a phone causes stress in fact taking a little time out on your phone doing something you enjoy should have a positive effect no?

If you think about it it is probably more likely the subject of the phone use, either your boss yelling asking for a deadline, that email requesting a myriad of things in the dead of night because your boss sobered up and remembered some work they forgot so handed it over to you. Or the phone reminder didn’t go off or you didn’t hear it buried in the depths of your bag/pocket and that exec you should have collected from the airport 2 hours ago is now waiting for you in the boardroom.

You can probably think of a million other things (see I just spiked your stress level asking you to do that) that will also impact those health problems not least poor eating habits, no exercise and maybe even the smoko outside the office with the gang. All of these could be linked to work as well as your phone but no one wants to ban work … yet.

Have a good day.