Day trip to St Bernard’s…

Sometimes you have to put a little of your own sunshine into life and do something positive. Gibraltar is always looking for blood donors, in fact the more the merrier. So it was we decided to go along to the phlebotomy unit (that’s blood by the way) at St Bernard’s Hospital and do our little bit.

Audrey who looked after us and was a dream keeping it calm because it can be a bit nervous if you haven’t donated before. The fear of needles always raises it’s head but what can only be described as a very slight pinch is all you feel and you get to relax on a couch for about 15 minutes.

Afterwards you get offered a voucher for the cafeteria which we declined or a biscuit and a glass of orange juice or water. Then you can head off back to work or home. You donate a single pint (approx) of the 8 pints in your body which will definitely go towards someone deserving of it in the community. Ladies can donate every 4 months and men every 3 months. The most common blood, ‘O’ positive is the one most needed so don’t sit there thinking they’ll have enough because the hospital can never get enough.

Contact Phlebotomy Dept, 1st Floor, St Bernard’s Hospital and do your bit for Gibraltar. They are open weekdays from about until 2.30pm or call SBH 2000 7251.