New Tech in 2018!

Acquarius likes to bring smart tech to our blog pages from time to time so it is with this weeks blog. Every year as we forget what just happened and look forward to the bright new start we get a flood of new stuff we can buy. A bit like the presents you get bought when you are beyond toys. Not quite socks or ties but similar in the sense that they sound like a great idea but perhaps are not really practical? Except this one.

My favourite at merely $800 a pop is the Hip’Air device manufactured by Helite. This gadget fits snugly around the waist under your clothes and according to manufacturers is lightweight and “fairly” slim. This probably means you will look like one of those “ladies” from Pride & Prejudice or perhaps a pantomime dame with her bustle. However this has a serious use for those liable to a fall. The device has built in gyroscopes and accelerometers which measures movement particularly in a downward direction like a fall. Within 200 milliseconds the device will deploy two airbags around the hips to cushion the fall and save broken bones. Apparently the average fall takes 400 milliseconds, take away detection and the bags 80 milliseconds to deploy you have some 120 milliseconds to shout “timber” before bouncing off down the road. It has been tested and works well which means you can safely shore up Nan and Grandad for a mere $1600. The only downside is the day you receive one as a christmas present is the time you have officially moved from your fast held middle age to pensioner.

Much tech is using Googles “Alexa” to work them like smart showers that turn on, increase the temperature or turn off when you tell it. A robot for your dog that will follow it around, talk to it or toss it a treat now and again. A wine device that monitors your wine cellar (do they have one for the top of my cupboard?) which checks temperature and using a scanner for the label the device monitors it and illuminates a light when the wine is at it’s peak. The French have decided tablets and phones are defunct as railways stations, airports and campuses have machines that print small receipt style paper that contains short stories from 1, 2 or 3 minutes in length depending whether you push 1,2 or 3 on the machine, free of course. All from a database of around 5000 stories which should keep the average commuter entertained during the station stop. I can see passengers getting stranded as they hop off to get a new story and the train pulls away.

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